About me

Christin Grunau,
frontend developer in Berlin

Hello, I'm Tine,

frontend developer in Berlin.

my expertise

  • html5, css3, jQuery, Ajax, responsive and innovative thinking are my staff of life
  • I also work every day with BITV, Typo3, optimizing for ie7 and android gingerbread
  • have optimizated for all Desktop Browsers, Tablets and Phones
  • worked with Highcharts, Bootstrap, Titanium, xhtml, css2, prototype.js, Wordpress
  • made ebooks, newsletter, optimized sites for SEO
  • I work with Windows, Mac, Sublime, PS Pad, PS CS6, Indesign, Illustrator, Corel Draw, SVN, GIT, Chrome & Firefox

what I love

  • simply, brilliant and user-friendly Designs
  • I love teamwork especially with innovative-technical-concepters and trendy-communicative-webdesigners
  • to grow trough challenging projects
  • learn new technical stuff
  • to meet new people
  • css animations
  • I love the little moment, when there's only the blank page, good music and me
  • Berlin

my Works

all about my passion
and the staff of my life


creative Stuff

Sketches, illustrations, fotos and other hobbies
of me

My sketches, illustrations, fotos etc.



Animations and other stuff
from inspiration